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Any proprietors of a new start up business will tell you it is hard at the beginning, especially when you are trying to break into a brand loyal market.

But there is more to Winsher Sports than meets the eye.

Their goal is to help transform sports communities by providing them with the best quality products at competitive prices and/or free sports goods to those who need them the most. As hard as it can be, nothing is as rewarding as experiencing the journey according to Winsher Sports founder Nitin Saby.

Starting life in Australia as an international student initially in Melbourne and then in Tasmania, Nitin embraced the community driven spirit of the locals. During his time residing there he has led and completed many social projects in a volunteer capacity, including becoming the Secretary of the Indian Cultural Society of Tasmania where he helped transform the lives of local and migrant communities. After a few years living on the Apple Isle he made the move back to Melbourne, continuing his volunteer work working collaboratively with the Melbourne City Council where he organised the International Student Welcome Desk at the Melbourne Airport.

But he wanted to expand to other opportunities. With existing connections to a sports equipment and inflatable balls manufacturer & importer, Winsher Sports was born with the aim to provide free balls and other sports equipment for kids in regional Australia.

“Through Winsher Sports, we are encouraging kids to play outdoors and have an active and healthy lifestyle. We are collaborating with the charities working in rural and other regional areas to provide free of cost sports equipment to the children there,” says Nitin.

His wife Sonam – Managing Director of Winsher Sports and accredited swim teacher – is also a humanitarian, providing free swimming lessons to children with special needs. She is also an active member of her local volunteer community, participating in motivational speaking roles.

Since these humble beginnings, Winsher Sports is now looking to expand, starting with the Australian Rules football market. The current plan is to be the new player in Australian Rules footballs.

With their online sports equipment store going live in March 2021, Winsher Sports have already made strides by setting up partnerships with the likes of Eastern Football League Football teams Vermont Eagles, Mitcham Tigers & Waverley Blues, VFL side Coburg Lions and reaches as far as selected sides in the Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and AFL Cairns competitions.

With a wide selection of footballs to choose from, Winsher Sports also provides balls suited to netball, rubgy, volleyball, soccer, basketball and more.

To find out more about Winsher Sports, you can visit their website at or visit their social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube which you can like/follow to stay across any updates.

At the time of this article being released, Winsher Sports are also running a 20% off special on all sports equipment with free shipping for a limited time. See their website or social media for more details

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