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Murray Bushrangers made it two wins on the trot with a hard-fought victory over the winless Gippsland Power at RAMS Arena. Following a disappointing Round 1 defeat to Northern Knights, the Bushrangers have strung two impressive wins together, with the latest being a 4.12 (36) to 1.3 (9) win against the Power yesterday. Neither side could find the big sticks in the first half, with the Bushrangers holding the Power scoreless to half-time, while booting 11 behinds themselves. Olivia Barber looked impressive early, but missed a couple of close chances, before being rewarded in the second half with a couple of majors. The Bushrangers booted the last four goals of the game after Grace McRae became the first goalkicker with a major in the tenth minute. It put the Power within three points, before Barber gave the Bushrangers deserved breathing space at the final break by eight points. They managed to finally get reward for effort in the last quarter with Barber, Lily Sharp and Tali Verhoeven all slotting goals to secure the 27-point victory. Barber was the best on ground with her work inside 50, but the defensive work of Matilda Van BerkelMegan Fitzsimon and Maddison Shaw was critical in the Power staying in the contest. Abby Favell and Grace McRae were prominent in midfield for their respective sides, while Teagan Brett put out another consistent performance as well. Chelsea Hargreaves was impressive up the Bushrangers’ defensive end, while Chandra Abrahams laid a number of strong tackles and defensive efforts.

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#8 Chandra Abrahams

Abrahams contested strongly around the ground, playing through the midfield and always providing a target for defenders to kick to. She went up for a series of marks, and while she couldn’t bring one down, was providing an aerial contest to force opponents to go with her. At ground level, she was fierce with her tackling, defensive pressure and one percenters, indirectly forcing some turnovers. Abrahams also had a desperate smothering attempt in the first term and a great smother in the second term. While statistically her numbers would not be huge, the work she did off the ball was what was impressive.

#9 Maddison Shaw

One of a number of Gippsland defenders who stood tall in defeat, constantly stemming the flow and rebounding the ball out of the back half. Shaw showed great leadership off half-back and was able to dispose of the ball by foot under pressure, getting it out of the danger zone and up to the wing. When required, Shaw pushed up the ground to add an extra number to the contest and copped a foot to the face in the third term but shook it off to continue and continued to be involved in the play.

#27 Nikia Webber

A quieter game from Webber, but she still showed patches of strong play, laying a number of tackles and pushing up the ground to bomb the ball long inside 50. She pushed up the ground to help out her teammates, and missed a shot on goal in the third term. Took a couple of strong marks around the ground as well.

Peter Williams - AFL Draft Central


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