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Where is it being played?: George Bates Reserve, Yallourn North

What time is the seniors game scheduled to start?: 2:35pm

Selected sides: 

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Talk about “jumping our of the fat and into the fire”, that’s exactly what Boolarra have been forced to do over the past fortnight, taking on the second placed Mirboo North followed by this weeks encounter with the unbeaten and top of the table Yallourn-Yallourn North.

Nearly ten weeks ago back in round six the Bombers did a bit of a number on the Demons when they gave them a twenty goal spanking, it was possibly one of the poorer performance by Boolarra, in a season where there has much to like about the way they have gone about their business.

Both sides are better than that encounter, but the stumbling blocks for Boolarra remain the same, with the Bombers two key forwards continuing to have an impact on a regular basis.

In round six they managed eight goals between them with Keenan Hughes grabbing five and Dean MacDonald three, today they sit in first and third spot respectively on the MGFL leading goal kickers ladder with more than one hundred goals between them.

That good work up forward though doesn’t just happen without the talent and some systems bringing the ball into their area on a regular basis, and as always stopping the supply is the key to limiting the opportunities for either to having a match winning impact, something no side to date has been able to manage.

Boolarra went to last weeks game a bit light on after losing half a dozen first twenty one players just a few days from match day, whether they have managed to get the best group back together will have a major impact on the chances of staying in touch.

The Demons put together a good first thirty minutes to lead the second placed Tigers, but the longer the game went the greater the margin became between the two teams.

You could probably expect to see more of the same this week, with the visitors hanging on for as long as they can before the Bombers slowly apply more and more pressure especially from half time, where they have played some of their best footy in the past few weeks.

Most impressive about the Bombers has not only been their obvious talent and understanding of team rules, it is that when the pressure has been apllied, and it has happened on a few occasions, there appears to be no panic just a quiet confidence that they can find a way to win by staying true to the demands and expectations of coach Barrie Burnett.

There will be a margin between the two and it will be in the Bombers favour, but how much will depend on how long the Demons can hang on.

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Where is it being played?: Newborough Rec Reserve

What time is the seniors game scheduled to start?: 2:35pm

Selected sides: 

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Between these two sides, a total of twenty matches have been played for a total result of one win and one draw.

However this contest is every bit as important as it would be for two teams at the top.

Newborough find themselves just a half game ahead of Thorpdale, and a win either way would almost certainly confirm the most unwanted title of the Leagues wooden spooner.

Given that the two points the Blues currently have is as a result of a game abandoned, you would have to think that the Bulldogs will have this game at their mercy.

A greater group from which to pick their best twenty one and will a pool of young and emerging talent, Newborough will be able to offer no excuses if this opportunity was to slip through their fingers, that said, they should also exoect to be confronted by a side aware that this too is their best chance of a win and that although the match doesn’t offer a premiership flag, the Blues will be playing as if it is their grand final.

Coach of Thorpdale, Ray Pickering, has shown patience far beyond any normal coach, and will be drawing on whatever he can to lift his side over the line.

The last time these two sides met only eight points separated the two, with Pickering declaring “it was an extremely tough result to take, I’m absolutely gutted for the boys, probably a couple of five or ten minute lapses cost us, stick together lads!!”

Stuck together they have, but the results are yet to come, but if they can reflect back on that last encounter and how close they got and how bad they felt, maybe just maybe the Blues can find their first win of the season.

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Where is it being played?: Walter Tuck Reserve, Mirboo Nth

What time is the seniors game scheduled to start?: 2:35pm

Selected sides: 

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One of two really crucial games this weekend between sides inside the five and hoping to hold their positions.

Mirboo North second and Morwell East third have plenty to play for, it appears the Tigers have a hold on a top three spot, but for the Hawks a loss could send them back to fourth with Hill End ready to pounce up the table from that position.

The last time these two sides met Morwell East couldn’t grab the points, but they did learn some valuable lessons, as coach Devon Soutar explained, “last time we went a little safe and lost our dare late, their mids got to work in the last quarter and they have good balance inside and out”

That was then and this now, and right now Mirboo North are still building towards having their best side on the park in a months time, so if ever they were vulnerable to a top side, it is right now, and right now, the Hawks need to make the most of this small window they have.

In the trickiest of conditions last week against a desperate opponent in Trafalgar, Morwell East showed they were up for the fight, handling the conditions well, at times, as though it was dry weather, the home side always appeared to be able to keep their opponents at arms length.

This week, they would be hoping for more of the same, taking the game by the scruff of the neck early and if at all possible building a win that reassures the group they deserve to be where they are.

The Tigers believe that with a little luck, that they will improve each week over the next month, and the chances are that will be correct, but this weekend will be an opportunity for those on the fringe of coach Josh Taylors thoughts when he can select his best twenty one, to stand up and demand some serious thought.

You’re only as good as your last game, and for one team the following week is going to seem a whole longer, unless of course we have a draw.

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Where is it being played?: Yinnar Rec Reserve

What time is the seniors game scheduled to start?: 2:35pm

Selected sides: 

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Live on Gippsland FM 104.7 FM from 2pm. Live stream via https://tunein.com/radio/Gippsland-FM-1047-s8842/


If Hill End want a top three spot they must win, if Yinnar want to be certain of a finals berth they too must win.

The Magpies will need to have learnt a lot from the thrashing they received from the Rovers back in round six. At that time it was Hill End that stamped themselves as a real contender on their way to a winning sequence of eight in a row, with a comfortable six goal victory, Mike Santo declaring it “ the boys biggest win in at least the last decade, we dominated the play, we maintained pressure, racked up opportunities bur were sloppy in front of goal”

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then, and as good as that particular win was having witnessed it live, there is no doubt that the rovers are an even better side now.

Yinnar would be wary of what the rovers are capable of, and for them a fast start is crucial to shake of any demons that may be still dancing around the heads of players involved in that last loss a couple of months ago.

Kane Grinstead Jones has led his side well, but you get the feeling his coaching will be even better second year round, when he has his head around, and is better prepared for the many obstacles that he has confronted in getting his best team on the park for the major part of the season to date.

As good as these two sides are, and can be, and as important as structure, strategies and game plans are, if we are face with similar conditions to last week, expect to see the many elements of footy that can sometimes be lost, like moving the ball forward at all costs and in any manner, putting your body behind the ball and on the line more than ever before and using minimal handball, the one per cent areas of the game will be the small pieces of the puzzle that will form a winning picture for the side that is desperate to win for their club and community.

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