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The current situation with the Coronavirus is nothing new for Gippsland football.

In 1937 all children up to the age of 18 were banned from attending the Grand Final of the South Gippsland FA due to potential spread of infantile paralysis (polio). Police were stationed at the gate to turn children away from the game.

In 1914 three rounds of the Omeo FA were cancelled due to an outbreak of diphtheria. The three teams Benambra, Omeo and Cassalis were all given a three week break.

In 1921 the flu epidemic hit Gippsland with the Glenmaggie team (Heyfield District FA) having to forfeit due to 12 players having the flu. A total of 100 workers on the Weir were taken to Sale and Heyfield hospitals with the flu.

In 1919 the final series in the Morwell-Mirboo FA was deferred for two weeks because of the flu epidemic. The Government banned sporting and other gatherings to stop the spread of the killer flu.

Content written by Laurie Williams.

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