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This is the one that all MGFL supporters have been waiting for, the clash between the undefeated Yallourn-Yallourn North and the very much in form Hill End.

The Bombers have been in winning form since the start of the 2019 season, sometimes devastating, others times workmanlike but effective nonetheless.

Hill End’s sensational season hasn’t been as obvious, the Rovers going about their business under the radar until just a month ago, when at that time they managed to string together four wins in succession.

Four wins later and that run of four has turned to eight and each weeks win seems to be even better than the last, none more impressive than their demolition of Mirboo North just a few days ago.

These two power teams of the MGFL met back in round four, and the result is one that probably doesn’t sit to well with Rover’s coach Mike Santo, his side in that match had a nine point lead at half time, a sixteen point at three quarter time, only to give it up and go down by just two points at the final siren.

Lessons have been learnt and those lessons will be put to the test by the Bombers, make no mistake about that.

You get the feeling in fact that the top of the table side will be looking forward to the contest, and it will be that, to bring out Yallourn-Yallourn North’s very best.

As good as they have been in winning, their very best will only be seen when they are truly stretched to the limit.

This match up will be partly about winning, and partly a game of chess, where coaches of both sides will look for weaknesses that can be exposed, or strengths that can be utilised later in the year, when both sides will inevitably meet in finals.

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A week off can do wonders for anyone.

Whether it’s long enough to do anything for Newborough will be brought to life this weekend, as the Bulldogs prepare for a genuine top five side, slowly starting to put together the pieces of their very best side.

Yinnar, it’s been noted many times this year, have lacked consistency and to some degree frustrated its supporters along the way in the search for their very best.

The Magpies could actually be the smoky in this competition if they could get their hose in order nut at the moment there are still some major works to be done.

Newborough have earned the respect of almost every side in the MGFL with their consistent honest efforts against much more credentialed sides.

What has been most impressive about the Bulldogs are the younger less experienced players who have fought as best they could on a regular basis.

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed by coach Dean Caldow and their rewards will surely come in the season s ahead, at the moment the challenge is to approach the next handful of home and away games as they have the past dozen.

An unlikely win would be a great reward for the hard work given by the group, but with so much riding on the result for Yinnar its unlikely an upset would be on the cards.

Yinnar would be planning what their final twenty one players might be, come finals time and where each player might best serve the team given the anticipated opposition.

The Magpies need a win, but more importantly they need improvement prior to the commencement of the finals.

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What do you play for, when seemingly there is nothing to play for?

The answer for those that have been involved in a club and its immediate community know that its about respect, about giving it the best you have each and every week for those that have worked around you, with you and for you.

With that in mind, both of these clubs have plenty to turn up for this weekend, with Trafalgar, the smell of premiership success still in their nostrils, wanting to have small victories along the way now that finals goals appear to have been lost, while Boolarra a win or even two from over achieving on pre season expectations.

The thought that the wooden spooner of the past two seasons could be a chance against the reigning premiers seems to be a bridge to far, but yet given the performances of these two teams in 2019, anything is possible.

It sounds like a broken record, but if at some stage the Demons can put together four quarters of football a win against the odds is possible.

The Bloods have had a season to forget and just when you thought that nothing further could go wrong, a game that is called off, happens to be against the bottom team of the ladder, and the points are shared.

NB: player Jake Atkinson’s well being was always the priority

That’s the way some seasons go, injuries unavailability, weather conditions even games being called off can effect where you finish and in simple terms, this has not been Trafalgar’s year.

Boolarra, can make that even worse that it currently is, by claiming the points and possibly securing sixth position, a feat in itself worthy of note for the improving Demons.

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Beaten by a margin and in a manner to embarrassing to revisit, the Tigers, even with plenty of injuries just didn’t have any fight whatsoever last week against Hill End.

Tigers coach Josh Taylor would want more from his men than what he got regardless of how they find themselves in the senior side.

For a side to be sitting in second position on the ladder and only manage just the solitary goal against a team sitting below them rings alarm bells in any competition..

The job this week for Mirboo North, will be put the doubters to bed, some of which will its own players, and the only way to do that is not only to win, but to do so in a manner and style in which its players can regain the belief that it might well be capable of achieving a better result, possible against the very same side in a few months time.

Thorpdale got themselves its first points of the season in the weekend gone, but it wasn’t really how anybody planned that it might happen.

The neck injury to Jake Atkinson just a couple minutes from half time, meant the game was inevitably abandoned and the points shared.

Coach Ray Pickering and his team (and club) have been tested in every way possible this year and last week was just another example of how so many things have not gone to plan.

The Blues will front up again facing a top three side who are on the rebound and it will seem like a mountain to climb, but they will go about their business and give their best, as they have done for all of season 2019, and at the very least, everyone has to respect that.

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