Join the Gippsland Footy Team!

While Gippsland Footy is currently one-person operation, we would like to expand our scope of coverage and we need people who love their footy to help!

While initially it would be purely on a volunteer basis, there may be a possibility for renumeration in the future.

If you believe this is something you are interested in, or know someone who may be interested, please contact for more details. Opportunities include:

We would love to speak to people who would be interested in writing for Gippsland Footy. While this will mostly be suitable for those who are looking to get into journalism and adding to their portfolio, we have no problems with the average punter who enjoys writing a yarn!

While we know most people will be affiliated with a particular club, we mainly seek those would be willing to write weekly previews and reviews for specific leagues from a non-biased viewpoint. We would also be seeking someone who would be willing to do this on a regular basis.


Do you visit a lot of games?

We love people who provide us with scores from all games being played. While live updates are great, we would mostly be looking for scores at the main breaks. Best players and goal scorers are also are great bonus!

Interested in joining the team? Send us an email here

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