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Top side Ellinbank maintained their stellar run in season 2019 with an emphatic, 69-point victory over bottom team Nilma Darnum at Ellinbank on Saturday.

Nilma Darnum kicked a clean two majors in the first term. Ellinbank’s forwards put three goals three on the scoreboard in that time, almost doubling their visitors’ tally. The Eagles extended their lead in the second quarter, kicking another four goals five behinds and bringing the scoreline to 7.8-50 at by the time the main break came around. Nilma Darnum’s single goal effort in that quarter had very little impact. It brought their scoreline to a clean three goals, a long way off the pace the Eagles were setting.

Ellinbank capitalised on their momentum in the third and put six goals two on the scoreboard, bringing their full tally to 88 points. The Bombers, meanwhile, finished the quarter 56 points shy of that mark with 5.2-32. No major score changes came in the final term — the Eagles held on to the lead and Nilma Darnum did not pick up the pace. 16.12-108 to 6.3-39 was the final score.

Mark Vassett was best on ground for the victors. He was backed up by the efforts of Joshua Peterson, Tim Mashado, Hayden Stagg, Jake Harper and Jordyn Flannery.

Nilma Darnum’s best man on the day was Joe Gibbons. Chris LaRosa, Nicholas Murray, Casey Thomsen, Benjamin Campbell, Mark Engley were also played important roles.

Will Watson - Warragul & Drouin Gazette

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Lang Lang suffered a heavy loss at the hands of Neerim Neerim South on Saturday, going down by 86 at Neerim South.

The Tigers started poorly with just two behinds for the entirety of the first term. The Cats, on the other hand, had three goals and one behind by the end of the quarter.

The second term was more bad news for the visitors. One single goal was all they could manage, as the Cats midfielders did their job and kept feeding the ball to Neerim's forwards, who put three goals six on the scoreboard by the main break.

Lang Lang stepped up their game in the third term -- but only just. They managed to add two goals one behind to the day's tally.

But it was not enough to account for the three majors five that Neerim Neerim South had kicked by the end of the third term. With a margin of 45 as the two side entered the final term, a Lang Lang victory looked almost impossible.

The home side's defence kept the Tigers scoreless and they finished the game with 3.321, the same scoreline they held at the end of the third. The Cats meanwhile decided it was a day to do some percentage building. The had kicked six goals five by the time the final whistle sounded, brining their final tally to 15.17107.

Jackson Ward was best on ground for Neerim Neerim South. Kody Wilson, Dean Stringer, Tyssen Morrow, Mark Quigley and Isaac Fuller also received honourable mentions.

Lang Lang's best man on the day was key midfielder Aaron Rose. Dean Brown, Thomas Mitchell and Troy McPherson also made important contributions.

Will Watson - Warragul & Drouin Gazette

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Hard working into the wind, Longwarry have battled their way against defensive pressure and disruptive winds to secure a solid win against Nyora.

Nyora, taking on the second top team, looked good early, though they lacked the forward pressure and reliability they often find in Ilan Osman and Benjamin Schultz.

Halfway through and Nyora were just two points down - due to a lack of fitness or firepower the reigning premiers have slipped further from the top end of the ladder.

Making it to half time with a minimal margin was due to some good fortune and Longwarry’s sloppy kicking.

Corey Lenders and Ben Cuckson raised the bar following the main break, accelerating the visitors with the wind into a sure lead. Russel Lehman was the Crows’ go-to, kicking five goals, his forward line movement and direction in harsh conditions gave the visitors the options they needed.

Though the fourth term presented some scoring challenges for the Crows, kicking some five points and two goals in the final term, their play was convincing.

Corey Lenders was best on ground for the Crows. Russell Lehman, Ben Cuckson, Aaron Serong, Anthony Salce and Jedd Serong also made important contributions. Russell Lehman kicked five of his side's seven goals.

Sam Burns, who has been playing some great form, continued his run this week, making a decent impact as a backman able to look forward for the Saints. Tim Burns and Brad Arnold also stood tall.

South Gippsland Sentinel Times

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A five-goal performance by Buln Buln forward Hayden Baker helped his team comfortably beat Poowong 84-58 away from home on Saturday. The Magpies started positively, creating goalscoring opportunities for James Doria and Trevor Hooker through quick ball movement. The fast start was short-lived though, and Buln Buln, led by a staunch defence and a forward combination of Baker and Langford, slowly took control.

The away side led 33-20 at the first break as a result.

The home team recovered in the second term, with Lachy Green gaining control of the contest and dealing it with efficiency to open up scoring opportunities.

This saw the Magpies boot goals through James and Chris Doria, and Hooker, reducing the Buln Buln lead to just two kicks at the main break.

This was when the away side gained a stranglehold on the game though. Their defence thwarted almost every Poowong attack in the third term, with strong marking and tackle pressure allowing them to only concede one goal for the entire quarter. Baker started to take over as well for the away side, leading well up front for his mids, taking marks and adding a couple majors to his side’s four for the quarter. This resulted in a comfortable 78-51 lead at the final change.

Both sides played well defensively in the final term, neither managing to hit the scoreboard big for the quarter. Baker eventually slotted his fifth of the game for the Magpies though, their only goal in the quarter ensuring an impressive 26-point victory in enemy territory.

The Great Southern Star

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Catani blew Yarragon away to win by 61 points in their round 11 clash at Yarragon on Saturday.

Catani won by 100 points last time the two sides met back in round two.

Saturday's margin could have been greater but for poor accuracy on the part of the Blues.

The first term saw the Catani put two goals six on the scoreboard, the Blues' forwards hurt by uncooperative wind gusts from their end. The Panthers started the game by putting one major and a behind on the scoreboard.

The gulf between the sides widened even further in the second term. The Panthers added two goals two -- not enough to account for Catani's four majors and two behinds. By the main break, the visitors led by 24 points.

But it was in the third term where the Blues really turned on the afterburners and rocketed away. A stellar effort from Catani saw them put six additional majors on the scoreboards and four more behinds, bringing their total tally to 12.12-84. Yarragon managed just three behinds in response.

The scoring efforts evened out in the final term. Catani had put in what they needed to win but capped off the day with an extra two goals three. The Panthers saved some face with a two goal, three behind effort and finished the day 6.8-39. Catani's final scoreline was 14.15.99.

Key midfielder Paul Pattison was his side's best man on the day. Liam Adams, Matt Barrand, Wade Hayson, Nathan Visser and Tom McLean were also influential.

For the home side it was Jake Cropley who was best on ground. Devin Pollock, Lachlan Shaw, Chase Blackwood, Jesse Hayhow and Donovan Pell also received honourable mentions.

Will Watson - Warragul & Drouin Gazette


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