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EVEN after 50 years, Ronald Serong’s Longwarry premiership blazer is still a perfect fit.

The last time Longwarry won a flag, in 1968, they played in the West Gippsland league and were known as the Blues.

This weekend Longwarry, now the Crows and in the Ellinbank and District league, will play in just their fourth grand final since that date with hopes high the drought will come to an end.

Before he went on to win three VFL premierships with Hawthorn, a 16-year-old Peter Knights was part of the 1968 Longwarry premiership, coached by former St Kilda VFL player Eric Guy.

Also in that team were Serong and Ray Walton. Now 82 years old, Serong was among the attendees for the 50-year premiership reunion held earlier this year.

He said Knights was “our baby”, while he and Guy were the two oldest players in the team.

“It was possibly the best team we had down there,” Serong said.

“It was like we had a specialist in every position.”

His great-nephews, brothers Aaron and Rhys, and their cousin Jakob, are all current senior players.

“We have had a very good run, but they’ve had a very hard run the past few years, and I hope they win it this year,” he said.

Longwarry made the West Gippsland grand final every year between 1967-69, but the 1968 triumph was its only victory.

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