Dandenong smashed the NAB League Girls’ record score and winning margin in its 135-point trouncing of Gippsland at Churchill Reserve on Saturday.

The Stingrays’ score of 149 beat the previous record of 117 set by the Eastern Ranges against the Power in round three last year, with the winning margin of 135 breaking the Ranges’ 114 on that day.

In fact it was only the fifth century score and third century win in the fifth season of the competition, while Dandenong beat its previous best score of 74 (in round two, 2017, against Gippsland and round four, 2021 against GWV) and its best win of 72 points in 2017.

Gippsland did not give up all day, matching Dandenong on the tackle count with an impressive 67-68, and it was rewarded with final-quarter goals to Zahri Burn and Tyla Angwin.

Sunday Brisbane (27 disposals, five marks), Ella Stoddart (21) and Indiana Makai (11 tackles, four inside-50s) could walk away with their heads held high.

Excerpts of this match review are from the NAB League Round 2 wrap. Full article can be viewed here.


#1 Sunday Brisbane

Brisbane played the type of game that onlookers have come to expect, making an impact throughout with her ferocious hunt on the ball, seeing her drawn into a more contested style of play than she usually does. Brisbane was typically efficient with the ball when out in space, kicking well to teammates in the best areas she could get to, and looking quick and sharp with her hands in close.

#16 Ash Centra

Playing a game that was the definition of ‘stats didn’t reflect impact’ Centra was pivotal to a few of Gippsland’s promising plays throughout the game, including their first goal in the fourth quarter where she took a mark on the forward flank and delivered well by foot for a teammate to mark. That brilliant delivery by foot was a constant through the game, with Centra’s technique near flawless but her placement occasionally letting her down. Centra’s work rate shone through when she was trying to follow up her own work, pushing hard to get the ball back once she had gotten rid of it, and often driving the ball 60 or more meters with just a two disposals. Her composure was excellent throughout, best highlighted when she remained calm in a two-on-one in the defensive 50 and nailed a kick to a teammate on the defensive 50.

#19 Ella Stoddart

Despite being just 15-years-old, Stoddart looked one of the most natural and experienced footballers on the field, with her composure and ball use in the defensive half catching the eye of everyone at the ground. Stoddart’s positioning in defensive 50 and when moving up the field was superb, putting herself in excellent positions to receive a handball out the side or sweep up a loose ball from the back of a contest, run with ball in hand and kick well out of 50.

#34 Leesa Guastella

In a day where the defensive 50 was as busy as could be, Guastalla was a consistent rock for the Power as the onslaught of inside 50’s continued. Guastalla did well to approach the ball in an uncompromising manner, often putting herself in harm’s way to secure the ball and then kick the ball long out of defense.

Excerpts of scouting notes are from the article published by Rookie Me Central. Full article can be found here.

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