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Catani suffered a tough loss to Buln Buln in their round 16 clash at Catani on Saturday.

The Blues went down by almost double the Lyrebirds’ fulltime score – 5.4-34 to 8.22-70.

Catani had a shocking opening term with just one behind to their name. Buln Buln meanwhile had powered ahead with two goals four by the time the second term came around.

But the Blues made up some of that lost ground in the second quarter, kicking three goals two behinds to bring them to 20 points at the main break.

The Lyrebirds were still in front however, sitting on four majors seven at halftime after adding two goals three in the second term.

The Lyrebirds remained in control in the second term and added another major to their tally. But the damage could have been worse for the Blues.

Buln Buln’s accuracy in that third term left a lot to be desired with seven behinds kicked to just one major.

The Blues added another major to their side of the scoreboard in the third term to bring their tally to four goals two – 18 points behind their rivals.

But Buln Buln really turned on the afterburners in the final term, kicking three majors and a frantic eight behinds to end the day on 8.22-70.

Catani kicked another goal and two behinds – not enough to make up the difference. They ended the day on 5.4-34.

Matthew Gray was best on ground for the Lyrebirds. He was backed up by the efforts of Bryce Monahan, Mitchell Park, Jack Symes, Trent Baker and Adam Rakip.

Best on ground for the home side was Paul Pattison with Tom Keily, Cody Banbury, Ryan Hanegraaf, Bradley T Adams and Liam Adams also making important contributions.

Will Watson - Warragul & Drouin Gazette

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Ankle deep in mud Nyora took on the top of the table Ellinbank side; with Ellinbank, on their home turf, out slogging the visiting Saints in what was a pre-millennial display of wet weather footy.

Coming from a one-point defeat last week, Ellinbank started hot.

Displaying endeavour from the first whistle, small forward Mitchell Cowan and Hayden Stagg were fast to show their suitability. Cowan’s pace and ability to gain ground with the ball put his team in good spirits – his efforts were vital to get the locals up to a five-goal first quarter margin.

Adapting after the first break, Nyora returned with a new sense of purpose. Through backmen; young Lachlan Fievez and Ben Miller, they repelled their opponents attacks.

The day was well suited to smaller players Mitch Stanborough did an impressive job taking on Ellinbank’s captain Ben Wragg. Ellinbank’s slick skills were enough to maintain their lead. Comprehensively covering the visiting Saints, Nyora struggled to find efficient ball use.

This loss demoted Nyora out of the top five, though with one win out of the remaining two games it is possible that they will return to finals contention.

South Gippsland Sentinel Times

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Poowong travelled to Lang Lang on Saturday to grab what was an important win.

With the finals coming up all games are critical in the run up and any loss could cost a club the second chance or a place in the finals. It was good to see both clubs support the TAC Towards Zero Round, which is being supported by thousands of clubs.

Poowong added Chris Doria, Ash Waterstone and Mitch Cochrane, and lost Joseph Bisognin (unavailable), Hayden Wallis and Macy Hanbrook.

The Magpies kicked to the Nyora end and opened the quarter with five goals through Chris Doria, Mitch Cochrane, James Doria and two good goals to Jack Hazendonk. Lang Lang failed to score, with Jayden Sullivan, Will Lumby and Thomas Wyatt playing well down back.

At the first break the score was 31-0 in favour of Poowong.

Lang Lang came out after quarter-time and with loose men across the centre they were able to put a lot of pressure on Poowong's backline, adding four goals and two point.

The Magpies’one goal for the term was kicked by James Doria.

The away side led by 12 points at half-time. Poowong were looking vulnerable and Lang Lang could see a chance. Poowong would have to lift their tackle rate and make players more accountable, something vital to winning finals matches.

The third quarter was a tight contest with both sides adding a goal each. Jack Hazendonk scored a great goal for Poowong, showing good skill and accuracy to slot it home from distance. The lead remained 12 points at the final break, the game very much there for the taking. Lang Lang had the breeze in the final term but it was Poowong who did the attacking, with goals to Trevor Hooker sealing the 62-36 win. The Magpies remain third on the ladder and will face another test to stay in the top three when they take on sixth spot Nyora this week.

The Great Southern Star

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The Panthers ended up going down by 107 points – 19.16-130 to 3.5-23 at Longwarry.

The first term saw the Crows boot three goals five to the Panthers’ solitary goal and single behind.

The second term saw more of the same, with the Crows adding another eight goals and two behinds to their tally.

Yarragon continued to struggle and could only manage two behinds, bringing their scoreline to 1.3-9 at halftime. The Crows’ score at the main break was 11.7-73.

The second half saw more of the same. The Crows blew past the 100-point mark in the third term, kicking five goals four.

The Panthers added to the scoreboard in the third term too, putting one goal one on the scoreboard. The two sides entered the final term 16.11-107 2.4-16, making a Longwarry win clear.

The Crows added three goals five to their tally in the final term and finished the day on 19-16-107.

The Panthers added another goal and another behind, bringing their final tally to 3.5-23.

Best on ground for the Crows was Tye Holland. Russell Lehman, Braydon McHugh, Anthony Salce, Danny Wells and Aaron Serong also received honourable mentions.

For the Panthers it was John Maye who had the best performance on the day. Darcy Jones, Devin Pollock, Simon Noy, Nicholas Pratt and Jesse Hayhow also made important contributions.

Will Watson - Warragul & Drouin Gazette

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Neerim Neerim South took Nilma Darnum to town on Saturday, destroying the Bombers by 86 points.

The first term saw the Cats kick four goals five to bring their total to 29 points at the end of the first term.

The Bombers had managed just one behind in that time.

Things did not improve much for Nilma Darnum in the second term either with the Bombers adding just one more behind.

The Cats meanwhile managed to add another goal and three behinds to their tally, bringing their scoreline to 5.8-38 at the main break.

The damage continued in the third term, with the home side almost doubling their tally, adding five goals and four behinds.

The visitors finally found the main target between the posts and entered the final term on a total of one goal two.

The fourth quarter saw another three majors go to the home side along with four minor scores, bringing their fulltime tally to 13.12-72. The visitors could not add anything to their third-term tally and finished the day on 1.2-8.

Ashley Lockett was best on ground for the victors. Jackson Ward, Nathan Bayne, Cooper Clancy, Josh Morrison and Tyssen Morrow also made important contributions.

The Bombers’ best man on the day was Jeremy Jarred. Nick Murray, Casey Thomsen, Dylan Cann, Benjamin Campbell and Chris LaRosa also received honourable mentions.

Will Watson - Warragul & Drouin Gazette


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