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Cora Lynn overcame Bunyip in their round 11 match-up at Cora Lynn on Saturday, winning by Cora Lynn started well, with three majors five in the first term while their visitors were kept to a measly single behind.

But the Bulldogs had no plans to let that margin go. They kicked three goals six in the second term bringing them within five points of their visitors by the main break.

But again Cora Lynn charged in front once the third term began. The margin grew to 30 points by the end of the third with 30 points separating the two sides as they entered the final quarter.

Bunyip managed to double their score, putting three goals two on the scoreboard by the time the final whistle sounded. But Cora Lynn consolidated their great early start and finished the day with an extra five majors one, bringing the score line to 13.9-87 to 6.10-46.

Will Watson - Warragul & Drouin Gazette

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Phillip Island obliterated Kilcunda-Bass on Saturday, soaring to a 134-point win over the visitors and keeping them goalless for the first half.

Despite the Panthers showing promise in the opening minutes, the Bulldogs clearly had it in the bag by the end of the first term. The Island’s Alex Redmond quickly responded to the Panthers’ shot at goal with a major. Keeping the ball around the Island’s forward line, Cam Pedersen snagged two in quick succession. They kept pace as Hayden Bruce gave it a good shot but just missed to see the Doggies 18 points ahead halfway through the first term. Pedersen snagged another before the Panthers’ Tom Gibson went for a goal but had it intercepted by Phillip Island’s defensive unit near the goal square.

Facing a 24-point deficit at quarter-time, skipper Damien Holmes offered the team a few inspiring words to motivate them for the next term. Spirits were quickly squashed however when the Bulldogs’ Noah Bee-Hickham scored a goal, shortly followed by another from Redmond. The rain didn’t deter the home side as Phillip Island remarkably scored goal after goal with Bruce, Billy Taylor, Pedersen, Zak Vernon and Matthew Jones all on the board. In the final minutes, Redmond slotted his second major for the term to keep the visitors scoreless going into the main break with a 76-point margin.

But as play resumed, the Panthers fired back, preventing the Bulldogs from getting too far ahead as the Island’s Ben Kimber and Redmond each put a point on the scoreboard. The Panthers kept pushing, eventuating in Gibson scoring the visitors’ first goal of the game. James Phillips kept up the momentum, putting another six points on the board to reduce the deficit to 67 points.

But the Islanders weren’t taking the attack lying down, with Jason Tomada scoring a major and Pedersen kicking two to extend the margin to 85 points. It was all downhill from there, as the Islanders managed to slot eight majors and four behinds before the Panthers’ Layton Sketcher booted a goal with five minutes left on the clock.

The Islanders had three more shots at goal but missed, with the last by Bruce topping off a spectacular 134-point win.

The Great Southern Star

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Inverloch-Kongwak parachuted themselves back into contention for the West Gippsland competition finals race with a resounding victory at the windswept Dalyston reserve.

Winning the toss secured the visitors’ first use of a howling gale and they took full advantage to systematically accumulate a 50-point lead while keeping the Magpies scoreless in the first term. The 2017 premiers prioritised recruiting over the off-season and they boast an array of class performers who all had an impact in their round 12 encounter.

The Magpies, kicking into the teeth of the brutal breeze, actually launched the first attack only to be repelled deep in their forward 50 and the Sea Eagles swept the ball swiftly and direct to Tristan Van Driel who slid through the opener. Dalyston were trying to withhold their opponents but Shem Hawking marked Ryan Silver’s outlet kick and settled on his shot from the boundary to score their second.

With the wind at their tails the Sea Eagles kept to a simple game plan, kicking long, straight down the corridor to their tall linchpins with the small forwards on the move swarming towards the fall of the ball.

In this fashion Callum Beattie-Powell kicked the next three goals, lapping up the spills and spiralling them through the big sticks. Further goals in red time to Van Driel and then Mahoney, courtesy of a relayed 50m, gave them full value for their efforts at the first break. The drizzle had intensified as the second term commenced and the home supporters were hoping that Dalyston, now with the aid of the conditions, would start their counter attack.

However, the Inverloch team zoned strategically and pushed the Magpies wide at every opportunity.

Young Jarvis Pryor, Rowan Clark and Josh Clottu were proving hard to bypass and for all the Dalyston efforts only minor scores to Saltum and Brooker resulted. The Sea Eagles rubbed more salt into the Magpies’ wounds with goals to Gibbins and Iezzi against the run of play. Late in the term Dalyston finally found some cohesion through Jake Saltum and Corey Wakefield allowing Jackson Brooker to post a goal but the Pies were in a world of pain trailing by nine goals at the long break. Comfortably in front the Sea Eagles didn’t rest on their laurels, but Dalyston had doubled their efforts to stem the bleeding. Marking his 200th senior club game, Dean Wylie was fighting hard for his team. The grandson of club legend Malc McRae showed all the courageous qualities that have endeared him to the Dalyston faithful.

Working in tandem with fellow 2015 Premiership teammates Blake Carew and Tylah Osbaldeston, Dean threw himself into contest after contest, using all of his experience and guile to slow down the rampant Sea Eagles. But the options going forward were limited and Dalyston were forced to attempt short lateral kicks that once turned over ultimately resulted in further I-K scores. Four goals for the quarter topped up their tally with Iezzi, Mahoney and Gibbins sharing in the spoils.

South Gippsland Sentinel Times

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Tails in the air, the Demons were blown to a successful first quarter, setting a margin that Korumburra worked hard to redeem but couldn’t quite catch. Hard work of usual performers Snooks, Fitzpatrick, Johnston, Patterson and Walker created opportunities but not enough to create goals. Korumburra lacked offensive penetration when going with the wind in the second. Understanding that the second term was likely the most important of the game, the Koo Wee Rup Demons were defensive tyrants. The Demons strung two together early in the second, making it look like a dark defeat for Korumburra.

Though they managed to score three late goals to bring them into half time with their heads high.

Young Demon Mitchell Cammarano was an asset in defence, applying pressure and delivering confidently to good options when the ball went his way.

The Demons kicked two in the second, it was obvious the Giants weren’t going to sit down. Tough conditions through the third with play becoming scrappier as time went on, the wind was less reliable for the locals now. The visitors made a valiant dash at the end of the third but could not major, finishing with three points unable to find the goals. The senior hands of Brodie Yapp and Sean Alexander were big parts of Koo Wee Rup coming home strong in the final term.

South Gippsland Sentinel Times

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If the Tooradin-Dalmore senior footy side was a thumping V8 engine, it'd currently be running on six cylinders.

Yet those six cylinders are still enough to see it power away from most opponents, to currently sit third on the WGFNC senior ladder.

That's a simple way of looking at the Gulls after Round 12.

Though they've struggled to put consistent, four-quarter performances together, the stretches during games in which they're truly firing are a sight to behold.

And Saturday, in blustery, drizzly conditions, against Nar Nar Goon was yet another example of this.

The Seagulls' toughness and aggression at the footy in the often congested contest was constantly rewarded on the scoreboard, but by the same token their lapses kept leaving the door ajar for the Goon.

Saturday was a particularly important day for the Seagull faithful, with favourite son and ultimate clubman Adam Splatt striding out for his 200th senior appearance in the famous colours.

It was certainly an occasion not lost on his team mates, and they were able to salute courtesy of an eventual 34-point win, 15.12 (102) to 10.8 (68).

It was a contest that featured a number of eye-popping moments - such as uncharacteristically spectacular goals in the wet conditions - but also one that highlighted just what the Gulls need to continue to work on.

Despite a strong start to the contest, a lacklustre start to the second saw the Gulls' lead trimmed to four points at one stage.

Then, after regaining the momentum to lead by five goals at half-time, history repeated in the third - with their advantage again reduced.

But when they were challenged, the Gulls ultimately responded when they had to - the mark of a quality outfit.

"It's a mental thing, and something we've been working really hard on," Tooradin-Dalmore coach Lachie Gillespie said of his side's lapses.

"To be honest, even today we just couldn't get that consistency. It's been a real struggle for us.

"Garfield played particularly well in the draw with us - they're playing a great brand of footy - but I still felt like we didn't stick to our guns and we lost concentration, and then we lost confidence because of that.

"What I'm trying to show the boys is to stick with the systems and trust them. They may not work absolutely all the time, but if you look at sides like Phillip Island and Cora Lynn they just trust in their systems and have the confidence they'll get them across the line.

"They don't let a bad moment dictate to them how they're going to play. Good teams generally trust their systems and get really good at implementing them.

"It's about learning to win dirty sometimes, and having periods of games where you have to have an arm wrestle. That's a good thing. We don't necessarily need to score goal, after goal, after goal. It's about not letting the opposition score those easy ones."

Waide Symes (two goals) was influential with his positive endeavour and ball use on Saturday, as was Nick Lang (three majors). Nick Schumann was his typical hard-at-it best, while Andrew Dean's and Kris Sabbatucci's continued work-rate was particularly telling as was Luke McKenna's trademark composure behind the ball.

For the Goon, young midfield ace Trent Armour was nothing short of outstanding - often first to the contest, and also first to emerge with the contested ball.

Daniel Galante, meanwhile, set up a number of forays forward with his calculated kicking, while versatile big man Trent Noy refused to be beaten.

Troy McDermott was another who consistently impacted the contest - despite just slotting one major in a role much further up the field than many would know him for.

Russell Bennett - Pakenham Gazette

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Garfield overcame Warragul Industrials to win the 'Love The Game, Not The Odds' match at Western Park on Saturday.

The Dusties had a shocking first half in the damp conditions, despite a wind advantage. The Stars kicked four goals thanks to Tanner Stanton and Gus Mitchell.

But those efforts were reciprocated by the Dusties in the second quarter with Cooper Hampton and Dean Johnson adding to the scoreboard for their side. 3.4-22 to 2.2-14 was the scoreline at halftime.

A downpour came just as the teams headed to the main break, which led to a soggy third term. But the rain did not deter the Stars, and they extended their lead, finishing the term. 8.7-55 to 3.6-24.

The fourth quarter saw Garfield consolidate their lead and push the deficit out to 35 points by full time. 10.8-68 to 4.9-33 was the final scoreline.

Tanner Stanton was best on ground for the victors. James McKellar, Jayden Goumas, Jonty Bow, Alex McMillan and Dean Johnson also received honourable mentions.

Will Watson - Warragul & Drouin Gazette


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