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The Breakers travelled to Pearcedale and despite clear skies the ground was wet and heavy. The conditions didn’t suit the Breakers usual fast ball movement and the team were slow to adjust.

Pearcedale looked more at home in the wet and were first to get on the board late in the first quarter.

The second quarter was much the same with stoppage after stoppage slowing the game right down.

Pearcedale were able to take advantage of the dry pocket to slot through their second for the game.

With forwards Kelly O’Neill and Katie Treacey leading strongly into the middle of the ground to meet the ball the Breakers found it hard to progress deep into the forward line resulting in very few scoring opportunities in the first half.

Having adjusted to the conditions the Breakers were more competitive in the second half but still couldn’t find a way to get a score on the board.

The repeat efforts of Lisa Scharnberg helped to stop Pearcedale clearing the ball out of the stoppages.

Despite winning the ball in the middle the Breakers struggled to find a way forward with the Pearcedale defence marking well in the wet and stopping the Breakers forward entry.

The half back line was under pressure all game but remained strong with the attacking style of of Imogen Bradford one of the few highlights from the game.

The Breakers will be looking to regroup with a home game against St Kilda 12pm Sunday as they move into the second half of the season.


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