Preliminary Final Big Day!!

Posted by Mid Gippsland Football League on Friday, August 31, 2018

Yallourn-Yallourn North failed to rein in Yinnar as the Magpies held on to a three point victory to advance to next Saturday’s fourth Grand Final against Trafalgar.


YYN win the reserves and are now hoping to be joined by the seniors.

Posted by Mid Gippsland Football League on Friday, August 31, 2018

In a low scoring epic Yinnar looked the better side although they were behind in the first quarter after Jack Casson scored his first goal of the season for the Bombers to give them six point lead at the first break. Yinnar did well to hold YYN who had the use of the strong wind in the first term.

The Bombers scored quickly in the second with Tyler Brown evading two tackles to kick accurately but then Sam McCulloch stood tall for the Magpies in the second term as Yinnar used the conditions better, the big Macca scoring three goals out of six as Yinnar set the pace not giving the Bombers any avenue to goals. Yinnar coach Jamie Aitken held Dean McDonald to a couple of kicks in the first half, Yinnar hit the front 10 minutes in and then through Damien Yates (2) and Sam McCulloch it was the Magpie show and they went to the lead by 24 points at half time. Conditions were slippery which may have caused an injury to Yinnar’s Luke Linton who didn’t return after half time. The Bombers came back in the third term but pressure from Yinnar made the Bombers work hard for possession, Lee Cummins, Matt Dyke and Matt Williams all making it hard for YYN who struggled but did add a further 2-4 for the term. Yinnar were held scoreless for the term but had enough in the tank to lead by the three-quarter break by eight points.

YYN came out of the pack like men possessed looking for every avenue to score but Yinnar were determined to hold on as long as possible. The Bombers kept attacking but woeful accuracy kept Yinnar ahead. Four straight behinds got the Bombers within four points and with time running out it was going to be close. Against the run of play the Magpies edged towards the forward fifty and Matt Llewellyn goaled scoring Yinnar’s first goal in over 47 minutes but it was surely enough to gain victory. From the bounce YYN got forward and Lockie Little goaled for the Bombers and it was four points the diff, Yinnar conceded a behind and it a three point ball game but the siren and Yinnar had beaten YYN. The Bomber players all were shell shocked and slumped to the ground to see their year’s good work turned to crap. Yinnar were jubilant and need to play a lot better against Trafalgar, one goal after half time won’t win premierships. Yinnar 7-4 defeating YYN 5-12. Lee Cummins, Jamie Aitken, Michael Stockdale and Matt Williams all good players while for YYN there was no one better than coach and tireless all day in Barrie Burnett, Braden Paulett was also good and Steve Pearson and Lockie Little all did well.

Trafalgar and Yinnar go on to play in next Saturday’s Grand Final, the two have previously met in three Grand Finals with Yinnar winning all three, the last was a decade ago when Brendan Holt scored eight goals for Yinnar in their 10 goal team effort.

Laurie Williams (Indpendent observer)


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