Longwarry bounced back to comfortably account for Buln Buln, 17-16 (118) to 8-10 (58).

The Lyrebirds kept in touch with the Crows early, but 10 goals to four after half time ensured the Crows would win well.

Daniel Fry and Josh Bourke each kicked three goals, while Troy Lehman, Kane Oldham, Cory Lenders, Danny Wells and Cole Cook were also prominent.

Bryce Monahan kicked six of his sides’ eight goals, while Matt Gray, Simon Dawson, Hany Wans, Trent Baker and Jake Pierrehumbert also battled against the odds.

Warragul & Drouin Gazette


Catani kept its aspirations of a top three finish in the Ellinbank District Football League alive with victory in an important match against Ellinbank. With the Blues fighting for the second chance and the Eagles fighting to qualify for the finals, the match was closely contested until the visitor kicked away late in the third term to open a handy 32-point buffer at the final change. While the Eagles came home strongly in the final term they had left themselves too much to do and fell 14-points short, 10-14 (74) to 9-6 (60). 
Early on, Owen Fitzpatrick’s strong marking was a feature in a competitive first half of the match. He kicked the first goal of the match but Ellinbank were quick to respond, with Cook following up his kick to burst through the pack and convert. Ash Wallace found Ben Wragg on the lead to put Ellinbank in front. The Blues responded with the next three goals, Fitzpatrick’s strong marking responsible for two of those. A snap from a boundary throw in and long shot from half forward closed the gap for Ellinbank in the second quarter. A centre clearance found Phelan on the lead and he kicked truly. giving the Eagles a three point lead at the long break.
Ellinbank scored the important first goal of the third term in what had been an even contest. Shaun Phelan finding Adam Cook on the lead for a goal to put the Eagles seven points in front. However Catani were able to dominate the remainder of the quarter to establish the buffer they needed. Nathaniel Rodda ran into the open goal to close the margin to one-point before a long miss from Cody Banbury levelled the scores. It began a run of six straight goals that would see the Blues hold the ascendency at the final change. Paul Pattison, who had been collecting the ball at will despite being tagged, ran into the open goal and it lifted his team. Smart roving from Catani youngster Liam Adams to roll through the Blues’ seventh increased the lead. Owen Fitzpatrick converted from a free kick and the Blues benefited from keeping the ball in their forward half, capitalising on a mistake to add their ninth goal. The Blues went forward again through Pattison who had been held. His long kick was claimed by an Ellinbank defender but the umpire did not agree, with Fitzpatrick stealing it to push the margin beyond five goals at the final change.
It was Catani’s turn to feel the pressure as the Eagles pressed with everything on the line. The home team broke through with a snap and as if inspired, an Ellinbank forward hacked the ball out of mid-air to give the Eagles some hope. The Blues were able to steady through the middle part of the quarter and while they were unable to convert, it bought them valuable time. A chase down tackle from Luke McFarlane set up a long shot for Adams, but his shot failed t0 carry over the line. A thumping punch from young ruck Jackson Caddy sent the ball in Rodda‘s path, who dished out to Wade Haysom but his running shot missed. Ellinbank responded with a long goal that just carried the line but again the Blues were able to steady and restrict the Eagles from scoring.
A flying mark to Nick Visser on the wing was the highlight as the Blues slowed the tempo to eat time off the clock. With time of the essence Ellinbank needed to step up the pressure and that they did, locking the ball in their forward 50. With the vocal crowd appealing for holding the ball on three occasions, nothing was doing until the umpire agreed on the fourth occasion, bringing out a Bronx cheer. Unfortunately the Eagles were unable to capitalise on their chances, with Michael Urie missing a shot despite winning a 50-metre penalty after his opponent encroached on the mark. Pattison sent the ball forward for Catani with Fitzpatrick one out in the forward line, but he failed to win the race as the ball carried over the back with Ellinbank able to clear. It was a tense finish to the match as Catani’s Dylan Williams was collected high and momentarily came from the ground.
Despite time running out for the Eagles and Catani holding on to win, the Blues camp were still angry after the final siren with tensions needing to be calmed before the post match presentation for mental health round. Williams was fittingly awarded the medal for displaying determination and courage throughout the contest.
Warragul & Drouin Gazette


After an even first quarter, the Warragul Industrials piled on 16 0f the final 19 goals scored to blow the Tigers away at Lang Lang.
It was a complete domination from the Dusties who locked up a finals berth as the usual suspects of Tye Holland (five goals) and Tyson Bale ran rampant in the 18.16 (124) to 5.8 (38) win.
Shane Brewster (six goals) gave Lang Lang’s defence nightmares as he slotted them from everywhere.
Jake Dwyer and Tim Elmes were valiant in a tough day for the Tigers.
Hayley Wildes - Pakenham Gazette


Nyora out-muscled a defiant Nilma-Darnum to claim a 34-point win on the weekend to remain two games clear on top of the Ellinbank and District ladder. Missing star forward Ben Schulz through injury, returning coach Fia Tootoo was given a forward role with the big man providing a good target in the attacking half and slotting a pair of goals. The Saints were at their best early on with Dylan Heylen continuing his brilliant run of form in the back end of the season through the midfield and paired with Ryan Spooner were moving the ball well. Twenty-four points was the margin at quarter time and Saints looked as if they could be in for another big day.

But on the back of forward Matt Shorey, the Bombers were able to gain the momentum and mount a fight back. Shorey was the key, able to create space and bang home crucial goals but without the work of James Bourke and Ben Campbell the ball may never have got down his end. After a tremendous second quarter the Bombers trailed by just four-points at half time and the home crowd were up and about.

But as the game wore on, the Saints showed why they are top of the table, out-classing their opponents at the stoppages with pin-point accuracy by hand and foot. Ilan Osman was looming around the forward line creating openings for the likes of Jesse Heylen and Chris Hodges. Their lead had stretched to 29-points at three quarter time as the Bombers looked to be running out of steam.

Osman slotted his third in the final quarter as the Saints had secured yet another win and firm as the flag favourites.

South Gippsland Sentinel Times


Poowong travelled to Neerim South on Saturday. The ground was in good condition and the weather mild, which is often not the case in August. Poowong regained Trevor Hooker, Tim Francis and Josh Chivaroli this week with only Ben Hancock hopefully back next week; this will result in the first full list of available players. Tim Hancock led the team on to the ground in his 100th Senior game. Tim has been a real stalwart for Poowong over the tough years. Poowong kicked to the Noojee end of the ground against the breeze.
The game opened at a brisk pace with Neerim South hoping to get a break on Poowong and managed the first goal. Poowong worked the ball around and started with a rushed behind before Chris Robinson marked and goaled. Poowong added a point before before a pass from Chris Robinson to Trevor Hooker resulted in Poowong’s second. Neerim South was working hard and came back with two goals one from a snap and the other a running goal to take a four point lead into the second quarter.
Poowong opened the second quarter determined to open up a margin by half time. Thomas Wyatt goaled from a snap. Jake Cochrane added a point before Michael Harris added a goal after receiving a free kick for a good tackle. Poowong was working hard and Lachie Green added a good running goal. Michael Hams added his second from a hand pass but missed a golden opportunity after marking in the square and missing everything. Trevor Hooker’s snap just before half time rolled through the big opening to open up a 29 point lead at the long break. The score was Poowong 7.5.47 to Neerim 3.0.18.
Neerim South came out after the break and tried to go forward but the back line of Poowong held firm allowing only one point for the quarter. A late tackle on Thomas Wyatt led to a down field penalty and 50 metres but the result was a point. Jake Hazendonk passed to Chris Robinson who kicked his second goal followed by a point to Jake Hazendonk, Thomas Wyatt goaled from a free kick being awarded to Poowong after his previous goal attempt went out of bounds on the full. At three quarter time Poowong was leading by 43 points 9.8.62 to Neerim 3.1.19.
Poowong was determined to improve its percentage with the wind and Neerim South was determined to restrict Poowong’s forward thrusts. Poowong started to play short and this resulted in a poor last quarter with the only goal coming from a great running effort by Josh Chivaroli after they had kicked two points. A couple of poor efforts by players dropping easy chest marks did not help the cause to go forward. Neerim South came back and kicked its fourth goal for the game; Poowong could only add two more points in a very disappointing quarter of football. Final scores were Poowong 10.12.72 to Neerjm South 4.1.25.
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