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Running out the four quarters on home turf, Buln Buln have turned the tables on a strong starting Nyora.

Following their round one, four-goal victory, Buln Buln have reigned in Nyora from a goal up in the third term to take the win.

Working hard and earning a lot of the ball all day, cousins Sam and Tim Burns were strong with and without the ball.

Nyora were competitive, playing their best footy in the second term, but weren’t able to adapt to the conditions like the home side.

Playing on the Buln Buln turf many noted the conditions to be a heavy claggy like mud, that reduced the flight of the ball and travel speeds. Buln Buln’s youth, fitness and understanding of their ground characteristics came together to help them find the lead in the third term.

None better than the local Adam Rakip whose role forward shaped the win. He finished with six goals.

On the other end, Nyora’s Ben Schultz kicked five and has promoted him to leading the league goal kicking.

His strength is his marking ability and he boasts a monstrous kick, one of the biggest in the league. Locals Matt Gray and Jack Symes were crafty around the ground.

South Gippsland Sentinel Times

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Poowong used an impressive third quarter in which they held Catani to only two behinds to head back home with a tough 76-61 win on Saturday. The home side was the stronger of the two teams at the start of the game, booting the first goal within a minute of the opening bounce. James Doria was able to help the Magpies get back in it though, with a nice mark and goal evening the scores.

Poowong’s defence, led by Jayden Sullivan, then kicked into gear and intercepted and used the ball well to set the team’s attack in motion.

The away side led the first break 26-19. Catani started the second quarter much like they did the first, snapping a quick goal and a behind to level the scores.

The Magpies again turned up the pressure in the defence and midfield though and were able to recollect themselves to slot home multiple goals through Hazendonk and Hooker.

This resulted in a 19-point half-time lead. Poowong’s Lachie Green, Jack Hazendonk and Thomas Wyatt started to cause major concerns for the home side in the third term with their quick ball movement.

On top of this, their defence was stifling and the side was able to take advantage of this positive play through goals from Wyatt and Hazendonk.

The away side headed into the rooms with a 64-30 lead at the final break, the home side withitalltodointhe final term. The response from Catani was strong, coming out swinging in the fourth and piling on quick goals. Wyatt was able to slot home a goal to calm the storm for a period but Catani kept coming.

The inspired home side kicked three straight to make it a two kick game but ran out of time after Poowong played possession footy at the end of the quarter, eventually going down by 15 points.

The Great Southern Star


Ellinbank were in control throughout their match-up with Lang Lang.

Their scoreline was double that of the Tigers’ at the end of the first quarter – 22 points to 11.

Lang Lang doubled that score in the second, adding two goals one to their tally. The Eagles also almost doubled their scoreline, kicking three goals three and heading into the main break three goals up.

The third quarter belonged to the home side. The Tigers added 19 points in reply to Ellinbank’s one major and one behind.

Just seven points separated the sides as they entered the final quarter.

A four goal, three behind frenzy gave Ellinbank the win, with the Eagles finishing on 77 points.

Lang Lang did not let the visitors get away easily, however.

They added two goals one and brought the final deficit to 21 points. 8.8-56 to 11.11-77 was the final tally.

Francis D'Agostino was Ellinbank’s best man on Saturday. Michael Urie, Mark Vassett, Josh Peterson, Ben Wragg and Ashley Wallace also made important contributions.

Aaron Rose was best on ground for the Tigers. He was backed up by the efforts of Troy McPherson, Dwayne Harvey, Andrew Thompson and Bradley Ventura.

Will Watson - Warragul & Drouin Gazette

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Neerim Neerim South took home the title of giant killers after they dispatched top side Longwarry 76 to 62 at Longwarry on Saturday.

The Cats raced out of the blocks from the opening bounce, stacking on 29 points to the home side’s 8. The second half saw the status quo remain, with Longwarry closing the gap only slightly to 16 points. At the main break, the Cats sat on 51. The Crows on 35.

By the end of the third quarter the Crows still sat 16 points from the visitors. Both sides had put four goals one on the scoreboard in the third but it was not enough to overcome Neerim Neerim South’s powerful first half.

The final term saw some tough footy that yielded only two scores – two behinds for the Crows. The game ended 11.10-76 to 9.8-62.

Chris Urie was best on ground for Neerim Neerim South. Calum Shiels, Nathan Bayne, Ashley Lockett and Dean Stringer were also influential.

For the Crows it was Ben Cuckson who walked away as his side’s best man. He was backed up by the efforts of Nick Walsh, Nick Redley, Riley Rundell, Russell Lehman and Anthony Salce.

Will Watson - Warragul & Drouin Gazette

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Yarragon notched up a big victory over Nilma Darnum on the weekend, winning 90 to 67 at Nilma Darnum.

One goals one to Nilma Darnum and two goals five to an inaccurate Yarragon saw the Panthers finished ten points up by the end of the first quarter.

Both teams kicked better in the second, with the Bombers adding five majors to take the lead and enjoy a ten-point margin at the main break.

But the Panthers had retaken the wheel by the end of the third after adding five majors and four behinds to their tally, bringing them four points in front of the home side. By the final quarter the Bombers had well and truly ceded control to their visitors.

Nilma Darnum managed to add an extra goal and two behinds but it was not enough to overcome Yarragon’s addition of four goals three. The final scoreline was 13.12-90 to 10.767.

Simon Noy was best on ground for Yarragon. Devin Pollock, James Harvey, Jesse Hayhow, Lachlan Shaw, Corey Ford also made important contributions.

Best on for Nilma Darnum was Travis Dyke. Ben Campbell, Patrick Chin, Casey Thomsen, Nick Murray and Matthew Shorey were also influential.

Will Watson - Warragul & Drouin Gazette


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