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Written by Laurie Williams, sports journalist and radio host on Gippsland FM 104.7FM
Former broadcaster and general sporting guru Tony Osler passed away last week.
He will be remembered as a gentleman of the radio at a time when local radio meant just that when sport was big. His passion for Gippsland football was well known through his stints with 3UL/3GG and 3TR back in the golden days of radio when he broadcast live matches and was a regular presenter of Gippsland sport mainly football.
I have known Tony for many years and a couple of times I joined him in doing “closed” broadcasts of West Gippsland matches.
These games had a listening audience of only a few kilometres which didn’t faze Tony who enjoyed every moment behind the microphone.
Tony’s death has left a great hole in the sporting world of Gippsland although ill health over the last few years had limited his opportunity to broadcast to his beloved Gippslanders. He stood with the best of of his era and follows legends in Tom Carter, Clem Pitt and Kevin Hogan to another place.
All four were exceptional in their talents with the vocal and written word and they all loved their Gippsland football. Vale Tony.

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