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Buln Buln had a big day out on Saturday, claiming victory against Nilma Darnum at home.

The Lyrebirds had plenty of time with the ball up front in the first term, but could not take advantage of several good opportunities. They kicked one goal six to Nilma Darnum’s three behinds in the first quarter.

The Bombers matched Buln Buln’s first term score in the second quarter – kicking one major and six behinds. But the Lyrebirds were well in front by the main break and enjoyed a 21 point lead after putting another three goals three on the scoreboard.

The third quarter saw Nilma Darnum put two goals one on the scoreboard – not enough to change the momentum.

The Lyrebirds were well out in front by the conclusion of the third term, sitting on six goals eleven.

The final term saw a Nilma Darnum capitulation. They added just three behinds to their tally while the Lyrebirds doubled their scoreline, putting another 47 points on the scoreboard to finish the day in 13.16-94. Nilma Darnum finished 3.10-28.

Buln Buln’s best was Matthew Gray. He was backed up by the efforts of Trent Baker, Jack Symes, James Fowler, Adam Rakip and Thomas Park.

Best on for Nilma Darnum went to on-baller Casey Thomsen while Nicholas Murray, Jack Ruddell, Tanner Thomsen, Chris LaRosa and Dylan Cann received honourable mentions.

Will Watson - Warragul & Drouin Gazette

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Catani overcame Lang Lang to win their round 12 clash by 10 points at Lang Lang on Saturday.

The Blues started poorly but swung into the lead in the second and held off the Tigers for the rest of the day. Catani kicked two goals two in the first term – one goal behind the Tigers who were on three goals two at the end of the first term.

But the Blues stepped up their game in the second term and their forwards booted four goals to pull in front of the home side. Lang Lang had kicked two majors in the second – not enough to account for Catani.

The Blues entered the main break eight points in front. Catani kept Lang Lang at bay in the third term, adding five majors to their tally. Lang Lang kept up in the scoring, also adding five majors. The two sides went into the final term with just over a goal separating them. Four goals went to the Blues in the fourth quarter in a frantic effort that also saw them add six behinds to their tally.

Lang Lang added four majors and three behinds, bringing their scoreline to 14.8-92. Catani won the day with 15.12-102. Tanny Rodda was best on ground for the Blues. Key midfielder Paul Pattison, Matthew Barrand, Nicholas Visser, Tom Mclean and Jackson Caddy were also influential. Travis Kitchin was Lang Lang’s best man on the day. Jake Dwyer, Will McGindle, Liam O'Connor, Troy McPherson, Lachlan Barwick also received honourable mentions.

Will Watson - Warragul & Drouin Gazette

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Longwarry kicked to the town end and started with the first goal of the game, which Jack Hazendonk replied to quickly for Poowong. Following goals from Chivaroli and Hazendonk ensured the magpies consolidated their quick start. The intensity in the contest then went up a notch though, and Longwarry kicked two quick goals followed by a point and two more goals to open a 14-point lead. Two late goals to Michael Harris and Trevor Hooker for Poowong then cut the lead to two points for the home side at quarter-time, 32-30 . The Crows lifted their pressure in the second term and their quick movement around the ground and were able to combine this with accurate usage to gain control of the game. This broke the game open and saw the home team pile on five goals to two in the quarter to lead 63-45 at half-time. Poowong came out determined to lift in the third quarter and two quick goals to Hancock and Newcombe, followed by a great piece of play resulting in Trevor Hooker goaling, got the Magpies back in it. The Crows rebounded however, kicking three goals to extend their lead before Poowong fought back through hard work at the contest to cut the lead to just six points at the final break. Both sides were in a position to win in the final term and the crowd became more involved. Poowong opened with young gun Jai Newcombe kicking two goals to get his team up and about and put them back in front. Longwarry booted a goal back but could not take advantage of a 50-metre penalty to take back the lead. Poowong then began to move the ball forward at all costs and goals to Chris Doria and Tim Hancock all but guaranteed a 16-point victory for the Magpies.

The Great Southern Star

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Travelling to Neerim this week, Nyora defied belief when they took home a 21-point victory. The Saints started well with Ilan Osman kicking the first goal of the game, but Neerim responded with two quick goals of their own, before Nyora settled with Ben Schultz kicking his first soon after.

Nick Carrigy was dominate in the ruck, while Rhys Bancroft, Ryan Spooner and Brad Arnold took control on the mid field and drove Nyora into attack, Schultzy got his second goal when Ben Hallas took a mark in the forward line, but pulled a hamstring and was unable to take his kick and took no further part in the game, with one player down they would need to be careful not to run out of legs in the latter part of the game.

Nyora continued to push forward at every chance and finished the first quarter with a nine-point lead Schultzy finishing with three goals and Ozzie one.

Second quarter the intensity picked up, and the scoring opportunities dried up, both teams struggled to score, Nyora’s defence keeping the home team to one goal two points, while Nyora managed to add to goals four points to their score with Ozzie taking a strong mark on the 50m mark and kicking his third goal after the halftime siren.

Third quarter saw Neerim dominate the game but not the scoreboard, Nyora struggled to clear the ball out their backline, failure to pick up the ball cleanly and the inability to find their targets down field cost them valuable scoring opportunities. A 50m penalty late in the quarter resulted in Ryan Spooner kicking Nyora’s only goal for the term, and with Neerim only managing two points, they went into the final change with a 21-point lead.

One rotation down and legs tiring, Nyora needed to hold on to their lead to put them one step closer to finals football. Neerim came into the last quarter full on intent, kicking the first goal in the opening minutes, and once again dominating the ball for the majority of the quarter. Nyora’s backline held strong with Ben Miller, Lachlan Fievez, Nick Fairbank, Sam Dixon, Kal Rigby, Sam Burns, Dylan Heylen and Adam Tagliaferro working overtime to continually foil any attempt at goal. Neerim’s pressure in their forward line hindered Nyora’s chances of clearing the ball and driving it forward, two more failed attempts at goal by Neerim gave the Saints a bit of breathing space and when it finally made its way down forward, the Saints shuffled through two points before Ozzie marked alongside the point post, and converting in true style with a banana and finishing with four goals. Both teams finished the quarter with one goal two points, and a 21-point victory for Nyora.

South Gippsland Sentinel Times

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Ellinbank more than accounted for their hosts when they played Yarragon on Saturday, winning by 70 points.

It was Ellinbank’s game from the get-go, opening up with a strong lead and maintaining control right up until the final whistle. The Eagles ended the first term with almost double the tally that belonged to their hosts.

Ellinbank had kicked four goals six while the Panthers were kept to two goals one. Not much changed in the second quarter. Ellinbank continued to add to their tally, putting another four goals on their side of the scoreboard to almost double their first quarter scoreline.

The Panthers added three majors for their part, but it was not enough to grab control of the match. The two sides were separated by 25 points at the main break. The third term saw a big performance from the Panthers – they almost doubled their halftime tally, kicking four goals two.

The Eagles had kicked three majors one in response to bring their scoreline to 11.12-78. Yarragon were 9.6-60 heading into the final term. But the fourth quarter saw Ellinbank explode with the Eagles kicking an astonishing nine goals four to break through the 100-point mark and finish the game on 20.16-136.

Yarrgaon in comparison managed to slip a single major through the Eagles’ rock-hard defence but could not manage much beyond that. They finished the day on 10.666. Ben Drew was best on ground for the Eagles.

He was backed up by the efforts of Hayden Stagg, Mitchell Cowan, Matt Farthing, Joshua Peterson and Brett Masterson. Yarragon’s best man was Chase Blackwood. James Harvey, Mitchell Jolly, Lachlan Shaw, Steven Dillon and Jonathan Tatnell.

Will Watson - Warragul & Drouin Gazette


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