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Cross continues record trek on and off the field
Written by Daniel Renfrey reporting for The Great Southern Star

Breaking Inverloch-Kongwak’s senior games record one week and conquering the Kokoda Track the next, there seems to be nothing Adam Cross can’t do.

Just a few weeks ago, Adam ran out with the I-K Seniors for a record-breaking 312th time. Less than a week later the 35-year-old was on his way to Papua New Guinea to take on Kokoda.

“I recommend it to anyone who wants a challenge and has any interest at all in Australia’s history,” Adam said.

“The hike itself wasn’t too gruelling physically, but hard mentally because you need to be ready to travel 15 kilometres in wet and muddy conditions each day.”

Long journeys are clearly nothing new for the Sea Eagles legend.

He has been at Inverloch-Kongwak since 1998, playing solely for the senior side since 2000, and has appeared in three grand finals, winning one in 2017.

Despite his accomplishments, Adam is still taken aback by his new achievement. “It’s all very surreal, but to have that accolade come my way is very humbling,” he said. “I just have a really good bond with everyone at the club and I’ve found it easy to enjoy myself.”

It’s no surprise to the rest that Adam now has the games record though, especially when witnessing his work ethic. “I’llgoforarunonaSaturday afternoon to flush out the body after a game if I’m feeling good,” he said. While it has been a personal goal for years, Adam’s plight to test his body also played a big part in his decision to tackle Kokoda. “When footy is done and dusted I’ll continue to challenge myself in those sorts of ways,” he said.

“I honestly feel really good and refreshed now.”

He’ll need to be as well, with the Sea Eagles approaching a big finals series. They have been in superb form lately, leaving Adam optimistic about their future. “I’m really looking forward to seeing how we go,” he said.

“We weren’t too sure about ourselves but beating Cora Lynn has given us the belief we can go all the way.” As far as Adam’s personal future goes, he has not given it much thought. “I’m still feeling fine. It just depends how my body goes, so as soon as I can’t contribute or my body can’t endure it, I’ll start to think about hanging them up,” he said of his boots. Having just been named in I-K’s best performers during his 314th game on the weekend, it seems the end of the line remains almost as distant as ever.


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