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ROUND 14 MATCH REVIEWS – by Laurie Williams


For the second week in a row Mirboo North gave their supporters a near heart attack when they scraped in by a point, this time against Tarwin at Shark Park. The last two matches have seen Mirboo North win by the skin of their teeth against spirited opposition and former Alberton FL clubs Foster and Tarwin. It was neck and neck all day with Tarwin ahead at the first break by two points then Mirboo North without a regular spearhead wasted opportunities with 15 shots at goal by half time with a 5-10 return to still be behind the Sharks by six points. Tarwin with some good play from Matt Zagni and Ben Ellen were able to hold on to a slender margin by three-quarter. Jake Cochrane made use of his opportunities with good goals for Tarwin but Mirboo North kept fighting back with the lead changing several times during the torrid last term with Tarwin forgetting for the moment where the goals were with misguided shots resulting in a 1-5 term which resulted in a one point loss, a fair effort against a top side but Mirboo North came through with the points in the end. For the Tigers Luke Bartlett scored three to be their highest while Jake Cochrane now holds the record between Tarwin and Mirboo North of five goals. Josh Taylor, Callam Gilliam, Luke Bartlett and Shannon Kennedy were best for the Tigers and for Tarwin Matt Zagni, Ben Ellen, Jack Howes and Dylan Garnham featured in their best.


Newborough’s first match at Fish Creek didn’t go the way Newborough really wanted they found the home side too big and strong, taking out the match by 63 points. It was Fish Creek’s Sponsors Day at Terrill Park and the footy team put it on for their Sponsors setting up a pattern in the first term with eleven successful shots at goal for a 5-6 return while Newborough got lost in the fog. Brady Mitchell for Fish Creek was amongst the goals while his namesake Joel Mitchell was pinging them in for the Bulldogs, both finished with four each. Fish Creek moved along nicely over the next three terms and didn’t allow Newborough much latitude to score. Ethan Park was a ball magnet for Fish Creek with good support from Gus Staley, Willem Voorham and Angus Stucki. Newborough’s coach Peter Ainsworth led his young charges well for their best with Joel Mitchell, Liam Flahvin, Chris Gardiner and Alex Skinner all receiving awards.


Foster after their loss last week bounced back to rock Thorpdale to the tune of 75 points and are still fighting Fish Creek for third position with only 20 percent difference. Foster held Thorpdale goal-less in the first quarter while putting on 5-3 to create a good platform to build up a winning score ,William Flavelle and Tim Wigney both dangerous around the goals. By half time the Tigers were a good ten goals up and looking comfortable in the process. Foster moved along nicely and registered the 100 points on three quarter time stretching out their lead to 85 points. Thorpdale outscored Foster in the last term 3-1 to 1-3 but the damage had already been done with Foster running out comfortable winners. Tim Wigney and William Flavelle both kicked three for Foster while Mitch Chopping scored a couple for Thorpdale. Todd Bastion, Josh Toner, Tim Wigney and William Flavelle all got votes for Foster while for the Blues Kayde O’Connell, Shannon Pickering, Jarrah Burgess and Mick Chapman all got amongst the best.


Stony Creek broke through for their first win of the season beating a disappointing Boolarra by a goal in a close battle all day. Boolarra would have been bitter being defeated by Stony Creek who have struggled all year but with a never say die attitude finally breaking through for a welcome and encouraging win. The Lions have been battered from pillar to post over recent weeks but fought back hard to account for Boolarra who were expected to do well against a team that hadn’t won any matches. It was a low scoring affair with only 15 goals for the match as both battled extreme weather conditions. Stony Creek had a one goal advantage by the first break but Boolarra edged them out by four points at half time. The pressure was on both teams, Sam Marriott and Jai Bright were good for the Creek while Boolarra’s team was a mixed bag with players flashing in and out of the play. A five goal third term by Stony Creek almost put the game beyond doubt but a fighting Boolarra clawed their way back into the match and kicked 4-5 almost snatching a draw with the last kick of the day but went down by six points. Cooper Cary bagging three goals for the Creek. Andrew Logan, Sam Marriot, Jacob Byrnes and Jai Bright the heroes for Stony Creek. For Boolarra Daniel Wilson, Josh Hussey, Brendan Mason and Joel Mason almost got Boolarra over the line but Stony Creek took the match 8-9 to Boolarra 7-9.


Morwell East had a comfortable win over Toora, sliding into sixth position at the expense of MDU who lost to Yinnar. The East’s first visit to Toora was successful but had troubles adjusting to the smaller ground, their goal-scoring radar was well out of kilter A first quarter of 2-6 was a wasted effort but luckily Toora couldn’t find where the goal posts were located and failed to score. A better effort in the second for the East as they put on four goals thanks to Joel Soutar was finding the ground to his liking, Nick Grainger was also on target for the East. Toora scratched around and scored 2-4 but found it a struggle against a team prepared to move quickly and not stop and prop. Morwell East ran out easy winners in the end but after half time Toora were competitive and weren’t very far away from the East who won 13-18 to 7-7. Morwell East’s best were Brandon Francis, Jarrod Lont, Nick Grainger, Joel Soutar and Eric Semmler. For the third week in a row Harley Hoppner got the award at Toora followed by Tom Keily, Ben Wilde and Jordan Knox.


Yinnar playing at their best disposed of MDU by 48 points but the real interest was in the reserves where both teams were previously unbeaten but it was Yinnar who prevailed winning by 47 points to earn the bragging rights and top position. The seniors spurred on by the success of the “twos” were quicker to the ball all day and led by Daniel Johnson up forward were able to keep them ahead for the match. The margin through the match never varied by less than 24 points so Yinnar had plenty of space. The Magpies running out easy winners in the end 14-8 to MDU 6-8. Daniel Johnson kicked four and Matt Mosley three for the Magpies while Tim Harris Jnr kicked two for MDU. Matt Mosley, Matt Dyke, Luke Linton and Ben Cheffers best for Yinnar while for MDU Matt Harris, Tom Corry, Kieran Bohn and Tyson Findlay were voted as best.

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