Cora Lynn defeated a determined Kilcunda-Bass outfit by 42 points in what was a much tougher contest than what was expected.
Despite general play being fairly even early on, Cora Lynn was doing all the scoring as it posted an unanswered 29 points in the first term. Jackson Dalton was on fire up forward for the home side, booting multiple goals in the first quarter. The electric player finished on four majors for the day with a move into the midfield later in the game, halting his scoring opportunities.
Although it didn’t score in the first term, Kilcunda-Bass knew it was doing the right things and that its hard work would eventually pay off. Jake Weightman was used in multiple positions throughout the match and he kicked the first goal for the Panthers after he burst out of a pack. Kilcunda-Bass managed another two goals in the quarter, bringing the margin back to one goal, but Cora Lynn responded with another two giving it a 19 point lead going inte the second half.
The Cobras came out of the main break determined to put the game out of reach of the visitors and they started brilliantly. Playing across half-forward was Jai Rout and the pacey youngster was able to split the middle multiple times in the third. Cora Lynn dominated the quarter and once again its backline was superb, not allowing many inside 50s. Shaun Sparks, Andrew Green and Kevin Vandenberghe were all superb down back, often launching many attacks through their constant use of the switch. Much to the dismay of the hard working Cobra backmen, Kilcunda-Bass was back in the game after a series of undisciplined acts resulted in around five 50 metre penalties and gave the Panthers a couple of easy shots on goal. A couple of nice plays and strong marks allowed the visitors to snag another two goals before three quarter time, giving them a little chance to get right back in the game.
Only 36 points up, Cora Lynn were not ready to take its foot off the gas and it was able to regain its strong momentum from early in the third term. Some poor kicking let them down but after a couple of early goals the game was all but over. The Panthers remained very competitive and kicked another four goals in the final term.
Courageous youngster Mitch Whitham was crashing in and out of packs all day, proving to be a huge factor in Kilcunda-Bass’ effectiveness. The on-baller’s day finished on an upsetting note, as he went down with a concussion after attempting a tackle. The ambulance was called and the game was forced to finish about a minute early. Thankfully, Whitham suffered just a concussion and no bone damage.
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Korumburra-Bena’s match against Dalyston was important for two reasons. The first was the fact it was playing for the coveted Ian Hillberg Trophy. Secondly, both sides needed to win the match.
The Giants were successful on both fronts.
The Giants welcomed back several players and promoted young gun Mitch Nicholas from the Fourths for his first game. Both sides played attacking football. The game was free flowing and the goals flowed for both sides. At quarter time, the score was Korumburra-Bena 5.1.31 to Dalyston 5.3.33.
The second quarter was a replica of the first and the big crowd was enjoying the contest as both sides traded goals to be all square at the long break. For Dalyston, Blake Carew was once again leading the charge, pushing the team to new heights. Young guns Kyle Wright and Benjamin Lewis were once again named in the best, providing plenty of run in the middle. The half time score was Korumburra-Bena 8.3.51 to Dalyston 8.3.51.
The Giants’ coach at half time moved Michael Cooke up to the forward line. It proved to be a master stroke. Cooke along with Jeffs, Besley and McMillan proved too strong for the Dalyston defence. The Giants’ midfield was winning the ball easily, and Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick, Dixon and Hill finished off the good work kicking five goals to one by Dalyston. At three quarter time, the score was Korumburra-Bena 13.5.83 to Dalyston 9.6.60.
The Giants attacked and recorded points, but a Dalyston kick off fell short and Fitzgerald marked and goaled for the Giants. The Giants continued to pile on the pressure and further goals to Jeffs and Fitzpatrick put the game out of Dalyston’s reach. Dalyston goaled but the Giants kicked two more goals to cement the win. Dalyston scored two late goals but it was the Giants by 37 points. The final score was Korumburra-Bena 18.10.118 to Dalyston 12.9.81.
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Reiging premier Inverloch-Kongwak had little trouble brushing aside Bunyip, 17-13 (115) to 8-6 (54).

The Sea Eagles kicked five goals to one in the first quarter to establish an early lead and aside from a mini fight back from the Bulldogs in the third term, were always in control of the match.

For IK, Luis Rankin and Dylan Clark played well in their defensive 50 with plenty of help in the middle from Danny Reid and Will Hetherington. Toby Mahoney also starred up forward with 7 goals.

Brad Walker, Dylan Gallasch, Eamon Tomlin, Will Papley and Anthony Young all battled hard for Bunyip.


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Koo Wee Rup was in a menacing mood on Saturday against the Stars at Denhams Road, ultimately outclassing the finals aspirants to the tune of 70 points – 15.18 (108) to 5.8 (38).

The Demons, currently a game clear of Phillip Island and Nar Nar Goon in second on the ladder (behind only the reigning premier, Inverloch Kongwak), had too many weapons for the Stars to handle – despite not being at full-strength.

Skipper Tim Miller was instrumental for Ben Collins’ group, while Jason Wells (five goals), Dom Paynter, Dave Collins and Nathan Muratore also had a telling impact.

For the Stars, the consistent Tanner Stanton again stood tall alongside the likes of Michael Wallace, Jayden Goumas, Tyler McDonald (two goals) and Leigh Diston.

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The Island met the challenge head-on, and emerged victorious from arguably the most entertaining clash of the season to date for a neutral observer – a 41-goal shootout.

Beau Vernon’s men set the tone, but the Goon seemingly had the answers. Right throughout the clash, this was a truly neck-and-neck battle – one that the home side couldn’t break open until the closing minutes.

But in the rooms immediately after his side’s 21-point win, 22.10 (142) to 19.7 (121), Vernon summed up the situation perfectly.

His players sat in front of him, physically spent but seemingly emotionally nourished – contented by the fact they’d been able to prove just how far they’d advanced since way back in Round 1.

“At the start of that last quarter, when they got that goal, you’d think back to Koowee in Round 1 and it just shows the difference between then and now,” he said of a brilliant running goal from Brendan Hermann just 15 seconds into the final term.

“But every player had a moment in the last quarter.”

That was the biggest difference to Round 1.

The Dogs’ snarl didn’t fade to a whimper – it evolved into a guttural roar.

Brendan Kimber, Zak Vernon and Jaymie Youle don’t only lead the group by example, they lead it in spirit and it was simply no coincidence that they shone brightest on Saturday in a clash that was littered with standout moments from both sides from start to finish.

Vernon (six goals) and Kimber (three) booted nine telling majors between them as they alternated from the midfield to forward 50, while highly-touted young gun Hayden Bruce (four goals) had a stellar impact in his first senior game for the club after returning from a broken leg.

While both sides’ ruck stocks were depleted on Saturday, the likes of Jarrod Andreatta (Phillip Island), and Trent Armour and Jake Blackwood (Nar Nar Goon) really stood up when called upon.

Goon key forward Matt Stevens (five goals) seemed unstoppable at stages across the forward 50, while defender Shannon Stocco shone when switched to a role up forward – booting four majors of his own.

But it was the battle between the arcs that was the most entertaining throughout the clash – Kimber, Vernon, and Youle for the Island against the likes of Armour, Hermann and Hughes for the Goon.

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