Swan Reach were brought back down to earth in the harshest possible way from last week’s drought breaking win, with Bruthen smashing them by 187 points.

Despite a goalless second term from both terms, the whole game was played on the Bulldogs’ terms. A massive 14.10 final quarter effort from Bruthen really rubbed the salt in the wounds of Swan Reach, who could only muster 1.2 for the entire game.

For the Bulldogs, Nick Sinclair kicked 8 goals and was named BOG, while Jamie Barton, Nathan Hayes and Tim Coxhill were also prominent.

For the Swans, Jack Wheatfill was their sole goal kicker, while Les Solomon, Bronson Ritchie and Craig Carstairs battled hard all day.

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Omeo-Benambra has again been unable to overcome a top three side, falling to Lindenow South by 10 points.

The game was tight for the entire day, with the Ranges leading at the first two breaks. The Swampies then kicked four goals to two in the third term to carry a four point lead at 3/4 time.

Omeo-Benambra would then rue their inaccuracy in the final term, kicking 1.5 to Lindenow South's 2.3, leading to a win for the latter.

Max Solomon (4) and Ashley Hood (3) were multiple goal kickers for the Swampies, while Malcolm Smith kicked 3 and Tyler Betts 2 for the Ranges.

Best players were unavailable at time of post.

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Buchan's poor start to the season has continued with Swifts Creek showing them no mercy, inflicting a 138 point defeat.

The Demons controlled the games from start to finish, keeping the Cavemen to seven goals for the game and goalless in the third quarter. Swifts Creek best quarter came in the second term, kicking 10.1 and propelled them into a big win at the final siren.

Swifts Creek had a plethora of multiple goal kickers, including Jesse Hack (7), Brodie Cameron (5), Damian Tubb (5), Jay Robbie (3), Robert Maisley (2) and Bailey Smith-Crisp (2). Robbie also earned BOG honours with assistance from Dylan Hack, Gabriel Last and Jordy Cameron.

For Buchan, Rowan Ingram and Justin Hunt kicked 2 goals each, while James Joiner, Shaun Coleman, Michael Sandy and Patrick Whelan tried hard all day.

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