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Not since the preliminary final of 2016 have Swan Reach tasted victory. In fact, since their Grand Final loss of the same year, they have been the easy beats of the competition, averaging a 260 point losing margin in 2017 and before this game, a 142 point losing margin in 2018. Saturday was finally the Swans day.

Swan Reach came out of the blocks early, scoring four goals to one in the first term to lead by 19 points at quarter time. This score was more reminiscent of their full time scores in the past year and a bit, but coming up against a side also struggling this season in Buchan, the Swans perhaps knew that a strong start would put them in good stead for the rest of the game.

The Cavemen responded in the second term, outscoring the Swan 4.3 to 3.2, but the home team still held a 12 point lead at the main break. Since the 2016 Grand Final, Swan Reach had only managed to kick 6 goals in a game three times in 2017 and had not achieved that feat so far this season. They had now eclipsed that by half time.

The third quarter saw the Swans pull away from Buchan again, kicking 4.2 to 1.2 and a desperately needed win was on the cards. Meanwhile, Buchan was facing a winless first five rounds of 2018.

The last quarter once again saw the Cavemen respond, outscoring their opponents in the final term 3.2 to 1.2, but the damage had already been done. Elation for the Swans who probably felt like their last win was a distant memory, and misery for Buchan who face a tough remainder of the season.

For Swan Reach, multiple goal kickers were Ivan Hood with 3 and Sam Barrah with 2, both of whom were named in their best players. They were supported well by Dane Cantrill, Adam Rees and Mark Rawlings.

For Buchan, majority of their goals were kicked by Tom Buckley-Kohne (4) and Justin Hunt (3), while James Joiner, Mathew Whelan and Tim Whelan were among their best.


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In a game that had potential to establish where both sides sit in the pecking order, Swifts Creek showed why they should be taken seriously this season, while Omeo-Benambra showed they still have work to do.

The Demons had lost just the one match to date to the reigning premiers by the undefeated Bruthen, while they were also pushed by Lindenow South last week but came away with a hard fought win. The Ranges' two wins prior to this game have come against the league's current cellar dwellers, though have been close in their other losses.

The opening quarter was a tight affair, with just the three points the difference at the first break.

The second term was where the game was won. The Demons piled on 7.2 to 0.1, boasting a 46 point lead at half time.

After a fairly even third quarter the Demons lead by 51 points. This lead Omeo-Benambra to make a last ditch effort in the last term, albeit in vain, and peppered away at the goals adding 3.10 to their final score. Swifts Creek added 2.3 themselves and came away with a comfortable 38 point win.

For the Demons, Nathan Fehst and Jesse Hack did majority of the scoring damage with 5 goals each, while Robert Maisley was named their best player on the day with support from Jordy Cameron and Gabriel Last.

For Omeo-Benambra, Aaron Mitchell and Ross Ansaldi kicked 2 goals each, while Jai Hayward, Craig Hanratty, Travis Sheean and Nao Fujita were named as their best on the day.


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