Where is it being played?: Willow Grove Rec Reserve

What time is the seniors game scheduled to start?: 2:35pm

Selected sides: 


I would think that Rovers coach Mike Santo is still scratching his head wondering how they lost last weeks match to Morwell East, a seemingly winning margin eaten away very quickly before suffering another heartbreaking defeat.

Just how Hill End respond to last weeks loss will tell us a whole lot about the personnel within the group, especially against an experienced talented team like Yinnar.

The Magpies are not at their best, and if ever they were ripe for taking it would be right now, but having a healthy depth to their list has been a bonus and they remain strong around the ground , with accurate goal kicking probably being their biggest concern.

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Where is it being played?: Newborough Rec Reserve

What time is the seniors game scheduled to start?: 2:35pm

Selected sides: 


The Bulldogs would be hoping they can defy the odds and inflict Trafalgar’s first loss of the season.

The Bloods have taken all before them and remain unbeaten atop of the MGFL ladder.

Trafalgar are a really solid unit all over the field, with a really impressive team structure a game plan that is well understood and a sprinkling of experience and emerging talent feeding a multitude of options up forward, like Ryhs Holdsworth, Matt Van Schajiik, Tyson Leys, Brayde Bossman and Ben Doran.

For Newborough, Jared Risol is as good as it gets in this league and Michael Gelagotis is always good in front of goals, Ton Slattery can be hard to stop, but he will need support from right across the ground for his team to even get close.

Newborough remains a bit of a rough diamond, showing patches of being able to mix it with the best, but inevitably switching off in periods during the game and falling short more times than what they would wish.

There can be no weak links for the home side today, or they will pay the price.

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Where is it being played?: Ronald Reserve, Morwell

What time is the seniors game scheduled to start?: 2:35pm

Selected sides: 


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The Hawks have performed like “Houdinis’ in the past fortnight, stealing a win from Newborough after trailing for three quarters, before topping that with a massive come from behind win over Hill End last week, giving the Rovers a 39 point start at the 8 minute mark of the last quarter and winning by 8 points.

That truly remarkable performance won’t be repeated this week against one of the in form sides of the competition.

Yallourn Yallourn North did what they had to last week and ended the match with a seven goal second term, the Bombers are looking for a challenge to bring out their best and they will get it today.

Nick Campbell has been in good form for Morwell East in front of goals but Dean McDonald has been in even better form for Yallourn Yallourn North.

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Where is it being played?: Thorpdale Rec Reserve

What time is the seniors game scheduled to start?: 2:35pm

Selected sides: 


The Blues are struggling with injuries at this early stage of the season, and that is always going to cause you some problems, mind you, I guess you would rather it now than at the business end of the year.

Bad kicking in front of goals by Yinnar last week probably kept Thorpdale in the game for longer than it should have, but losing two games in a row is a no go for good sides, and make no mistake the Blues are a good side.

Yarragon have been hard a team to follow, a promising game against the unbeaten Trafalgar followed by a disappointing match with Mirboo North.

If the Panthers can have their midfield up and firing like it did a fortnight ago, you might see them closer to the home side than most would think.

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Where is it being played?: Walter Tuck Reserve, Mirboo North

What time is the seniors game scheduled to start?: 2:35pm

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They have done it before, and maybe, just maybe they can do it again.

The Tigers were looking down the barrel of five losses in a row when they took on Yarragon last week, but stood up under the mounting pressure and claimed the points in an impressive fashion.

After suffering losses of 3 points to Morwell East, and 1 point to Thorpdale, in the weeks prior, Mirboo North have proven to a few, and most notably themselves, that they are still good enough to start their march up the MGFL ladder .

Boolarra, would be hoping to stay in touch for as long as possible, and having some more experienced players back into the side may well help their cause.

The Demons are hoping they can steal a win or even two during this season before planning even further improvement in 2019.

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