Where is it being played?: Dowton Park Reserve, Yarragon

What time is the seniors game scheduled to start?: 2:35pm

Selected sides: 


The Panthers are lining up to do what four teams prior have done in the opening rounds of 2018, and that is, beat the reigning premiers!

Make no mistake, the Tigers are not playing terrible footy, but they are not winning, and that unfortunately is what this game is all about.

Beaten by a total of four points in their last two games, makes this match against Yarragon an absolute must win for Mirboo North.

To be zero and five after five rounds, means any chance of playing finals footy can almost be kissed goodbye.

Yarragon back at home and with a solid performance under their belt, even in losing, against the unbeaten Trafalgar last week, will have the Panthers believing they can notch their second victory of the year and stay in touch with the top five.

Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can’t, you’re probably right, is how the saying goes, lets see who can deliver.

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Where is it being played?: George Bates Reserve, Yallourn North

What time is the seniors game scheduled to start?: 2:35pm

Selected sides: 



The Bombers could not have been any more impressive in their match against Yinnar last week.

A repeat of that performance, will have Newborough coach Tom Hallinan, clutching at his chest by half time.

Yallourn, were strong and disciplined, skilful and fast, real fast, in fact it was hard to pick a weak link in what would have been the most complete exhibition of all matches played so far this year.

Newborough, will be still dredding the one that got away last week, after leading for three quarters the Bulldogs coughed up the lead and the points to Morwell East.

With that still playing in the minds of players, coupled with venturing to the scene of last weeks crime by Yallourn, the Bombers should be far to strong.

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Where is it being played?: Willow Grove Recreation Reserve

What time is the seniors game scheduled to start?: 2:35pm

Selected sides: 


You always know a team is going alright, when although not playing well, still manage to find a way to win.

Morwell East, have done just that in the past fortnight, beating Mirboo North by three points before stealing a seven point victory from Newborough.

If you check the ladder however, their three wins to date have been over sides eight, ninth and tenth on the MGFL ladder.

The Hawks would want to be in better shape meeting Hill End on their home ground this week,.

The Rovers like Morwell East, would know that this game is crucial in clawing their way back into contention, and for that matter respect in the league.

Hill End made hard work of Boolarra, and their midfield won’t have as easy as they did last week in the second half, and that will mean they will have some trouble in finding key forwards and kicking a winning score.

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Where is it being played?: Trafalgar Rec Reserve

What time is the seniors game scheduled to start?: 2:35pm

Selected sides: 


The Bloods remain the only unbeaten side in the competition to date, and this week will have Trafalgar still sitting at the top of the table with five wins from as many matches.

Boolarra, are running with sides for more and more of matches, and will be a little harder to get over in the back straight of the home and away season, but at the moment Clint Eisendel has the keys to a finely tuned team, that should account for the Demons in a comfortable fashion.

With a multitude of goal kicking options and an even contribution from all parts of the ground, the Bloods are well placed to be very much in control of their own destiny .

Boolarra, unbeknown to most is slowly working on insuring the foundation of the club is secure moving into the future, and although that might not be seen on the scoreboard just yet, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and its not a train coming the opposite way.

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Where is it being played?: Yinnar Rec Reserve

What time is the seniors game scheduled to start?: 2:35pm

Selected sides: 


Yinnar return to the safety of their home ground this week, but by mid afternoon, they will know the’re in a fierce fight once more.

Thorpdale like the Magpies have secured three wins from the opening four rounds after falling over the line by just the solitary point last week against Mirboo North.

The Blues however will have to confront some injury issues, which may become a real problem if Yinnar can select some first choice players themselves, many of whom have been missing in recent weeks.

Depth is crucial to success in such an even competition, and the general view is that the Magpies may have the edge in this area.

Options from the seconds, and even the thirds might prove to be the difference, it MIGHT prove to be the difference, make no mistake this match up is going to be decided in the final minutes of the game, so when in doubt, go with the home side.

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