After a slow start to the game the Gippsland Power hit their straps in the second half of the match claiming a 56-point victory against the Eastern Ranges. The Ranges took it to the Power in the opening quarter trailing by four at quarter time. But their intensity and pressure around the ground slowly dropped off while the Power started to dominate, especially in front of goal, putting on 11 goals to five in the second half.

Noah Gown was a clear standout for the Power bagging four goals for the match and taking plenty of big contested marks inside the forward 50. Gown took a whopping nine marks for the game showcasing his impressive strength and ability to lead up at the footy. Gippsland captain, Xavier Duursma, also starred for the Power with his impressive evasive skills, clean pick-ups and ability to break lines racking up 23 touches. Tyrone Hayes also played a big role in the Powers 56-point win slotting a goal and gathering 20 possessions for the game. Nick Lowden amassed 23 touches and laid five tackles with Riley Baldi also collecting 23 touches and six marks.


#4 Sam Flanders – He had some really good moments throughout the game showcasing his ability to lead up at the footy. Flanders used his break-away speed going for a run through the middle of the ground to help propel his team forward.  He applied plenty of physical pressure across the ground laying a couple of really strong tackles. He also went on to slot a goal, contributing to the Power’s overall tally.

#5 Xavier Duursma – He was a key player for the Power throughout the game imposing himself on the contest and competing hard to win the footy. Duursma used his good long kick to help propel his team into their forward 50 and create plenty of scoring opportunities. He also showcased his impressive evasive skills and ability to hit targets while under plenty of pressure. Through his ability to break lines he opened up plenty of space and created a good spread across the ground. Duursma also impressed with his clean pick-ups and ability to read the play not to mention slotting a good goal in the third quarter to cap off an already dominant display.

#9 Irving Mosquito – Looked lively throughout the match with his impressive speed and ability to break away from the contest. The Power benefited from his consistent run and carry with the footy helping to move the ball forward with his long piercing kick and putting it into dangerous positions. Mosquito showcased his evasive skills breaking tackles and covering the ground well. He was also instrumental up forward competing hard to win the footy whenever it came to ground and at stoppages.

#23 Noah Gown – He was dangerous all game, providing a good target up forward for his teammates and more importantly bagging four goals for the match. Gown applied plenty of good physical pressure and consistently imposed himself on the contest with his strong leap. He had strong body positioning throughout the game to protect the drop of the ball and take plenty of strong contested marks in the forward 50. He bagged an impressive goal in the second quarter from a tight angle and was even more lively in the third slotting two consecutive goals. He showcased his ability to read the play of the game and get into damaging scoring positions. Gown also provided plenty of strong leads up at the footy and out-bodied his opponent on a number of times.

#25 Kyle Reid – Was strong down in defence taking a heap of good intercept marks and positioned well for the Power.  Reid put in a consistent four quarter effort and applied plenty of physical pressure on his opponents. He looked to keep the ball moving with his good long penetrating kick and was involved in a series of good link up handballs through the middle of the ground to open-up space. His ability to read the play and slot into the holes in the backline was important for Gippsland.

#29 Boadie Motton – Applied plenty of physical pressure on the ball carrier laying multiple crunching tackles and competing hard at ground level to win the footy for his team. He frequently imposed himself on the contest and his clean hands around the stoppages were invaluable. Motton showcased his good evasive skills and used his long kick to help propel his team forward and out of trouble. He was solid across the ground and took a big contested mark in defence in the fourth quarter.

Taylah Melki

AFL Draft Central

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